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51st Edition -

published 17th of August, 2018

Welcome to the 52nd edition of Email Marketing Weekly. Today we look at the important relationship between trust & email success, the age old question of html vs plain text, and what’s going on with open rates? We also look at re-engaging your customers to stop them falling off your list. Thunderbirds are go!

Oxfam: The Important Relationship Between Trust & Email Success

Guy Hanson

Thumb untitled Oxfam, the global charity, has been in the press for all the wrong reasons recently. I won’t dwell on the accusations of abuse and sexual misconduct that have been made against Oxfam... Read more...

Don’t let your customers fall off. Re-engage instead

Rol Fic

Thumb 1 i4c39ic6t2oxqiefx1ignw So it turns out that it’s so super vogue for online marketing to repeat, return, revise, re-market, re-engage. Let me repeat myself. Let me rehash this. Okay you get the point. Where does the power... Read more...

B2B emails: To HTML or not to HTML?

Len Shneyder

Thumb html coding programmer ss 1920 800x450 To my surprise, the choice between using or not using HTML for B2B emails still seems to be a source of serious debate among marketers. From time to time, I’ll get asked about my thoughts on the... Read more...

What’s Going On With My Open Rates?!

Mary Sohn

Thumb email inbox icon closeup medium  comp One of the most frequent, panicked questions I get from clients are: My open rates are down! Did something happen?! Mayyyyyyybeeee. There are many reasons your open rates may be lower than usual. Read more...

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